Difference Between Counter & Shift Register in Tabular Form

1.Counter count the clock pulses.Shift register shifts the data left or right.
2.Type of counters are : Asynchronous , Synchronous , Decade ,MOD-N,Johnson ,  Ring etc.Types of shift register are: Serial in Parallel out, Serial in Serial out ,Parallel in Parallel Out , Parallel in Serial Out , Bidirectional , Universal etc.
3.It uses T-Flip-Flop J-K Flip-FlopIts uses D-Flip Flop.
4.These Are used in Banks,Railway station etc.There Are used in Memories Like RAM,ROM etc.
5.A counter is a special case of a register. Usually, it can only be loaded, stored, or incremented, or used for the stack or as the program counter.Shift registers are a type of sequential logic circuit, mainly for storage of digital data. They are a group of flip-flops connected in a chain so that the output from one flip-flop becomes the input of the next flip-flop.

when its start Suppose its Define one Variable i

When Clock Trigger or any action is trigger, The get old and add by 1, and Update It.

This is how counter Works.

Counter & Shift Register



Shift Register Define Shifting one by one to Last.

Counter & Shift Register


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