HTML Developed by scientist Tim Berners-Lee in 1990, HTML is the “hidden” code that helps us communicate with others on the World Wide Web (WWW).

HTML Full Form

H for Hyper : Hyper signifies to move from one page to another with anchor tag.
T for Text : It means simple text.
M for Markup : You write the text with some mark-up like headings, bold, bullets, and so on.
L for Language : It is in simple English Language.

  1. Presentation-on-Html
  2. Alignment in H1 and P Tag
  3. Heading Tag
  4. Formatting Text
  5. Pop Up Boxes
  6. Table
  7. Table Border
  8. Color in Table
  9. Header Tag
  10. Rowspan and Colspan
  11. Table inside Table
  12. Register Form
  13. Color Maker
  14. Calculator Program in Html Using Javascript Code
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