Difference Between Gouraud Shading And Phong Shading in Tabular Form.

SnoGouraud ShadingPhong Shading
1.Gouraud shading, named after Henri Gouraud.Phong Shading model named after Bui Tuong Phong.
2.Gouraud first published the technique in 1971. Phong Shading published the  technique in 1973.
3.Computes illumination at border vertics and interpolates.Illumination at every point of polygon surface.
4.Interpolates colors along edges and scanline.Interpolates normals instead of colors
5.Not So expensive.More Expensive than Gouraud Shading
6.Requires Moderate processing and time.Required Complex processing and it is Slower. Its Produce Good Quality.
7.Lighting Equation used at each Vertex.Lighting Equation used at each pixel.
8.Gourard shading is in between the two: like Phong shading, each polygon has one normal vector per vertex, but instead of interpolating the vectors, the color of each vertex is computed and then interpolated across the surface of the polygon.Each rendered polygon has one normal vector per vertex; shading is performed by interpolating the vectors across the surface and computing the color for each point of interest.
9.Smooth surfaces.Smooth and shining surfaces.

Gourad Shading And Phong Shading Difference
Gourad Shading And Phong Shading Difference


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