Difference Between Multiplexing and Demultiplexing in Tabular Form.

1.Multiplexing is method or technique in which more than one signals are combined into one signal that travels on a medium.De-multiplexing is reverse of multiplexing. In this method a multiplexed signal is again decomposed in individual signals.
2.It have so many inputs & one output.For DE-multiplexing purpose it has One inputs & many output.
3.Example- 8 input 1 output , 16 input 1 output, 32 input 1 output.Example- 1 input 8 output, 1 input 16 output, 1 input 32 output
4.Parallel to serial conversion is thereSerial to parallel conversion is there.
5.When we design multiplexer, we don’t need additional gates.Additional gates are included when designing De-multiplexer.


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