Difference Between Perspective & Parallel Projection in Tabular From

 1.If COP[ Centre Of Projection] is located at a finite point in 3 space , the result is a perspective projection.If COP [ Centre Of Projection] is located at infinity, all the projectors are parallel and the result is a parallel projection.
 2.Perspective projection is representing or drawing objects which resemble the real thingparallel projection is used in drawing objects when perspective projection cannot be used.
 3.perspective projection represents objects in a three-dimensional way.Parallel projection is much like seeing objects through a telescope, letting parallel light rays into the eyes which produce visual representations without depth
 4.In perspective projection, objects that are far away appear smaller, and objects that are near appear biggerparallel projection does not create this effect.
 5.While parallel projection may be best for architectural drawings, in cases wherein measurements are necessaryit is better to use perspective projection.
 6.perspective projections require a distance between the viewer and the target point.In parallel projection the center of projection is at infinity, while in prospective projection, the center of projection is at a point.
1.one point perspective,
2.Two point perspective,
3. Three point perspective,
 8.  Perspective Projection & Parallel Projection Perspective Projection & Parallel Projection
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