Difference Between PHP And JavaScript In Tabular Form.

S.NoBasic TermsPHPJavaScript
1.Full FormHypertext PreprocessorIt Call as JavaScript

PHP Logo
PHP Logo

3.MeaningPHP runs on server and the major functionality of PHP is to produce the HTML code which will be read by browser.JavaScript can handle only local tasks that are specific.
4.First Appeared1995December 4, 1995;
5.Developed byRasmus Lerdorf in 1994Brendan Eich
6.Type of FormatProgramming LanguageScripting language
7.Implementation UseServer-side in web browsersclient-side in web browsers
8.Filename Extensions.php.js
9.Where it RunsPHP code will executed on Web servers with apache server.
PHP does not execute within a browser’s window.
It is interpreted on client web browsers.
JavaScript executes within a browser’s window.
10.Combination WithPHP is embedded only with HTML and PHP cannot be combined with XML.JavaScript can be combined with HTML, XML and AJAX.
11.Where It UsePHP is used to produce web pages on the go, read and deploy databases, import the files available on the server, and gain files of data from further domains.JavaScript can import files of information available by mentioning
the URL of the file in the address bar of the browser.
12.Database use.PHP commonly uses MYSQL as a database.MYSQL is not commonly used by JavaScript.
13.UsageFunctions ,If Else Statements Loops etcValidation , functions ,If Else Statements Loops etc
14.Versions1.0 8 June 1995
2.0 1 November 1997
PHP 3 6 June 1998
PHP 4 22 May 2000
PHP 5 13 July 2004
PHP 6 and Unicode 2005
PHP 7 During 2014 and 2015,
JavaScript Version  Year
JavaScript 1.0 1995
JavaScript 1.0 (JScript 1.0) 1996
JavaScript 1.1 1996
JavaScript 1.2 1997
JavaScript 1.2 (JScript 3.0) 1997
JavaScript 1.3 1998
JavaScript 1.3 (JScript 5.0) 1999



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