Difference Between Synchronous Counters and Asynchronous Counters in Tabular Form

SNO.Synchronous CountersAsynchronous Counters
1.Simultaneous clock signal is given to all the flip-flops connected in synchronous counters.Clock is provided to first flip-flop and the output of first flip-flop acts as clock second flip-flop and so on.
2.Speed is fast as no clock delay is provided to flip-flops.Speed is slow as compared to synchronous counters as clock signal is delayed for other flip-flops except the first one.
3.Circuit is complex or complicated as number of states increases.Circuit ls simple.
4.Cost is more as additional circuitry is required.Cost is less as compared to synchronous counters.
5.Synchronous counter is known as parallel counter.Asynchronous counter is known as serial counter
6.Synchronous Counters & Asynchronous CountersSynchronous Counters & Asynchronous Counters


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