Difference Between UTP,STP,Coaxial Cable & Fiber Optic Cable In Tabular Form.

CharacteristicsUTPSTPCoaxial CablesFiber Optic Cables
Full FormUnShielded twisted pairShielded twisted pairCoaxial CablesOptical Fiber Cable or Fiber Optic Cables




Optical Cable
Optical Cable
No of Copper Wires8820
MaterialCopperCopperCopperGlass and Plastic Combination ( Plastic Fiber or Glass Fiber)
Bandwidth10 Mbps – 100 Mbps10 Mbps – 100 Mbps10 Mbps100 Mbps -1 Gbps
  • BNC (Bayonet Neil-Concelman )
  • TNC (Threaded Neil-Concelman )
  • SMB (Subminiature version B )
  • 7/16 DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung)
  • QMA connectors
  • MCX (Micro coaxial connectors )
  • RCA (Radio Corporation of America connector,)
  • Bionic Connector
  • Standard Connector (SC)
  • Ferrule Core Connector (FC)
  • ST Connector (ST)
  • SMA Connector
  • Lucent Connector (LC)
  • Plastic Fiber Optic Cable Connectors
  • Enterprise Systems Connection Connector (ESCON)
  • Fiber Distributed Data Interface Connector (FDDI)
  • Opti-Jack Connector
  • LX-5 Connector
  • Volition Connector
  • MT-RJ Connector
  • MU Connector
  • MT Connector
  • E2000 Connector
Maximum cable segment100 meters100 meters200 – 500 meters2 k.m. – 100 k.m.
Interference RatingPoorBetter than UTPBetter than Twisted Pair CableVery good as compared to any other cable
Installation costCheapCostly than UTPCostlier than twisted pair wiresCostliest to install
Bend radius360 degrees / feet360 degrees / feet360 degrees / feet or 30 degrees / feet30 degrees / feet
  • Frequency Interference (RFI)
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Not as cheap as UTP
  • Difficult to Install and Maintain
  • Much Thicker Diameter and not as flexible
  • Problems with the deployment architecture
  • Bidirectional upgrade required
  • Great noise
  • High installation costs
    Susceptible to damage from lightning strikes
  • Limited Application
  • Nuclear Radiations
  • Low Power:
  • Fragility
  • Distance
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