Difference Between File Manager And Disk Management in Tabular Form

Sno.Basic TermsFile ManagerDisk Management
1.DefinitionA File Manager or File Browser is a operating system program it provides a user interface to Manage Files, Folders and View.A Disk Management or Disk Manager allow you to See How Many Disk Drives , Partition, capacity, free space it not Allow to view files inside in Drives.
2.Managers provideSuch as FTP, HTTP, NFS, SMB or WebDAVNONE
3.Shows Showing Folder in Drives Create Folder ,files and Data to Manage.Partition on the Hard Drive ,Create Partition or Shrink
4.CUT,COPY,PASTE OperationsAllowDisallow
5.Partition Shows / Drives Yes / NoYes / Yes
6.Program Name in Windowsexplorer.exediskmgmt.msc
7.PropertiesOwner, Creation Date,File Type, Location, Size etcDisk,File System,Volume, Layout , Capacity ,Free Space etc
8.Change Letter NameNoYes you Can Change G: to E:
9.AlternativesFree Commander ,Explorer++
,Q-dir , Files&Folders Lite
,File Browser ,Metro Commander
,UWP File Explorer
EASEUS Partition Master,
PartitionGuru Free,Disk Order 3.0
10. Picture 


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