Difference Between IDE and Text Editor in Tabular Form

1.Full FormIntegrated Development EnvironmentCalled it Text Editors
2.DefinitionAn IDE is a software application that provides to edit Programming code for software development. An IDE normally consists of a source code editor and run Code Directly.Text Editor is a computer programmer and software that allow user enter, change, store and allow to edit Programming code for software development
3.Compiler / InterpreterYes / YesNo / No
4.FeaturesFTP/SFTP,Browser support,Multi-file editing ,Syntax highlighting,Code search,Language support(Support for alternative languages )Multi-file editing , Syntax highlighting, Language support
5.LanguagesSupport specific set of languagesWrite code in different languages
6.Combination ofIde = Editor+Compiler+Debugger.TEXT EDITORS = Editor
7.ToolsCode Editors, Debuggers, Built-In Tools For Compiling And Running Applications.Editor is able to edit all type of files
Yes SupportYes support
9.SpaceHeavy its takes Large Space .Light weight its takes Less Space .
10.ExamplesExamples : Visual Studio, Eclipse, Xcode, Codeblocks, Android Studio,Etcetra, Arduino etcExamples : Sublime , vim , atom ,Notepad++,Brackets etc.
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