Difference Between Java And Android in Tabular Form

Sno.Basic TermsJavaAndroid
1.Logojava-logoAndroid Logo
2.Company UnderSun Microsystems (now owned by Oracle Corporation)Google,Open Handset Alliance
3.Developed ByJames GoslingAndy Rubin (Andrew E.Rubin)
5.Code Written inJavaJava (UI), C (core), C++
6.IDEEclipse,Net-beansAndroid Studio
7.Platform WorkingAny Independent OS 32bit/64bitOnly Android OS 32bit/64bit ARM
8.LicenseOpen SourceOpen source(most devices include proprietary components,such as Google Play)
9.Used asDesktop,web ,Small mobile based appsAndroids Baesd Apps
10.File Extension.java .class .jar.APK
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