Difference Between Compiler And Interpreter in Tabular Form with Diagram

Sno.Basic TermCompilerInterpreter
1.DiagramCompiler Execution
Compiler Execution
Interpreter Execution
Interpreter Execution
2.DefinitionCompiler process entire program and  converts into object code which is stored in file.Interpreter directly execute instruction written in a program or scripting language without previously them to a object code one statement at a time.
3.ObjectIts Generated intermediate codeIts doesn’t Generated intermediate code
4.Machine codeStore machine language as machine code on the diskNot Save Machine Code
5.Programming languageC, C++ use compilers.Python, Ruby use interpreters.
6.Machine code TranslatesScans the entire programone statement at a time.
7.Memory EfficientGenerates intermediate object code which further requires linkingNo intermediate object code is generated, hence are memory efficient.
8.Error Message (Debugging)After Whole Code CompiledWhere first error is met
10.Source Code RequirementsAfter Compiled Programming code not needed to run programSource code requirement every time run the program
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