Difference Between Half Adder And Full Adder in Tabular Form

S.No.Basic TermsHalf AdderFull Adder


2.WorkingA combinational logic circuit that performs the addition of two data bits, A and B, is called a half-adder. Addition will result in two output bits; one of which is the sum bit, S, and the other is the carry bit, C.The half-adder does not take the carry bit from its previous stage into account. This carry bit from its previous stage is called carry-in bit. A combinational logic circuit that adds two data bits, A and B, and a carry-in bit, Cin , is called a full-adder.
5.CarryCarry not UsedPreviews Carry is Used
6.No. Of Components1 : Xor
1 : And
3 : Xor
2 : And
7.Boolean ExpressionS = A ⊕ B
C = AB
S =A ⊕ B
C = AB + BC + AC
8.ApplicationsCalculators, computers, digital measuring devices etc.Multiple bit addition, digital processors etc.
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