Difference Between 1G, 2G, 2.5G 3G, 4G Generation In Tabular Form

Sno.Basic Terms1G2G2.5G3G4G
1Full FormFirst GenerationSecond GenerationSecond and a Half GenerationThird GenerationFourth Generation
2Year1980s1990s (1991)2001 through 20032005released in 2008 working Fully upto 2009
3Supportvoice  onlySMS, picture messages, and MMS.WAP, MMS, SMS mobile games, and search and directory.digital,
supported data,
Video Conferencing,
Video on demand.
Voice , Video Call ,Mail VOIP INTERNET, Video Streaming etc
4Speed2.4kbps(GPRS) in 40-50kbps
(EDGE) in 500kbps – 1 Mbps
(GPRS) 20 to 40 Kbps
(EDGE) 236.8 kbps to 384
2 Mbps for non-moving devices and 384 Kbps in moving vehicles.50Mps-100Mbps
5Dropped callsYesYesYesImprovementsMuch better.
6SecurityLittleText EncryptionEncryptionInfrastructure Security, end-to-end securityend-to-end encryption
11Multiple Address/Access systemFDMATDMA, CDMATDMA, CDMACDMACDMA
12Switching typeCircuit switchingCircuit switching for Voice and Packet switching for DataCircuit switching for Voice and Packet switching for DataPacket switching except for Air InterfacePacket switching
13Internet serviceNo InternetNarrowbandNarrowbandBroadbandUltra Broadband
14BandwidthAnalog25 MHz25 MHz25 MHz100 MHz
15Special CharacteristicFirst wireless communicationDigital version of 1G technologyUpgarde version of 2G technologyDigital broadband, speed incrementsVery high speeds, All IP


Full Forms Used in Table

  • GSM : Global System for Mobile communication
  • GPS : Global Positioning System
  • WAP : Wireless Application Protocol
  • SMS : Short Message Service
  • MMS : Multimedia Messaging Service
  • VOIP : Video Over Internet Protocol
  • CDMA : Code Division Multiple Access
  • TDMA : Time Division Multiple Access
  • NMT : Nordic Mobile Telephone
  • AMPS : Advanced Mobile Phone System
  • TACS : Total Access Communication System
  • GPRS : General Packet Radio Service
  • EDGE : Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution
  • UMTS : Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
  • WCDMA : Wideband Code Division Multiple Access
  • HSDPA : High Speed Downlink Packet Access
  • E-UTRA : Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access
  • LTE : Long Term Evolution
  • LTE Advanced : Long Term Evolution Advanced
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