Difference Between JDK (Java Development Kit),JRE (Java Runtime Environment) & JVM (Java Virtual Machine) In Tabular Form

1.FULL FORMJava Development KitJava Runtime EnvironmentJava Virtual Machine
2.PLAT FORMJavaJavajava
3.DEFINITIONThe Java Development Kit (JDK) is a software development environment that you can use to develop and execute Java applications. It includes the JRE and a set of programming tools, such as a Java compiler, interpreter, appletviewer, and document viewer. The JDK is implemented through the Java SE, Java EE, or Java ME platforms.The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is a part of the JDK that includes a JVM, core classes, and several libraries that support application development. Though the JRE is available as part of the JDK, you can also download and use it separately.Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is a run-time system that executes Java bytecode. The JVM is like a virtual computer that can execute a set of compiled instructions and manipulate memory locations. When a Java compiler compiles source code, it generates a highly optimized set of instructions called bytecode in a .class file. The JVM interprets these bytecode instructions and converts them to machine-specific code for execution.
7.TOOLSJDK contains tools for developing, debugging and monitoring java application.JRE does not contain tools such as compiler or debugger etc. Rather it contains class libraries and other supporting files that JVM requires to run the program.JVM does not include software development tools
8.LOCATIONIt is the superset of JRE.It is the subset of JDKJVM contains in JRE,or we can say it is subset of JRE
9.SPACEJDK needs more disk space as it contains JRE along with various development tools.JRE is smaller than JDK so it needs less disk space.
10.COMBINATION OF. JDK = Java Runtime Environment (JRE) + Development toolsJRE = Java Virtual Machine (JVM) + Libraries to run the applicationOnly Runtime environment for executing the Java bytecode
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