Difference Between Operational Database System and Dataware Houses in Tabular Form

Sno.Operational Database System (OLTP)Dataware Houses
1. This involves day to day processing.This contains current data.This involves processing of information.This contains historical data.
2.This provides detailed and flat relational view of data.This provides sum marized and multi-dimensinal view of data.
3. This is based on star schema, snow flake schema and Fact constellation schema.This is based on Entity relationship model.
4. Data is dynamic.Data is largely static.
5. Repetitive processing.Adhoc, unstructured and heuristic processing.
6. High level of transaction throughput.Medium to low level of transaction throughput.
7. Number of rewards accessed are in tens.The number of rewards accessed are in millions.
8. lt supports day-to-day decisions.lt supports strategic decisions.
9. lt serves large number of clerical/operational users.lt serves relatively low number of managerial users.
10. OLAP systems are used by knowledge workers such as executive, manager and anlayst.OLTP system are used by clerk, DBA or database professionals.
11.Data within operational systems are generally updated regularly.Data within a data warehouse is non-volatile, meaning when new data is added old data is not erased so rarely updates.
12.Complex data structures.Multi dimensional data structures.
13.lt is used for Online Transactional Processing (OLTP)lt is used for Online Analytical Processing (OLAP).
14.Operational systems represent current transactions.Data warehousing systems reads the historical data.


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