Difference Between (POP) Procedure Oriented Programming And (OPP) Object Oriented Programming Languages In Tabular Form.

Procedure orientedObject oriented
The procedure oriented programming emphasis on
procedures and functions.
The object oriented programming emphasis on real
world problems.
Procedure oriented view the problem as set of
instructions that are executed one by one.
Object oriented view the problems as set of
modules that executed in the order as specified by the user.
Procedure oriented emphasis on what to do.Object oriented emphasis on how to do.
Procedure oriented follows top down approach.Object oriented follows bottom up approach.
In procedure oriented ,data is not hidden. Data is
In object oriented ,data is hidden that makes it a
secure programming language.
In procedure oriented ,new data and functions
cannot be easily added whenever required.
In object oriented , new data and functions are
easily added whenever required.
For example:
c language.
For example:
c++ language.
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