Forward chaining.

  1. It is also known as data driven inference technique.
  2. Forward chaining matches the set of conditions and infer results from these conditions. Basically, forward chaining starts from a new data and aims for any conclusion.
  3. It is bottom up reasoning.
  4. It is a breadth first search.
  5. It continues until no more rules can be applied or some cycle limit is met.
  6. For example: If it is cold then I will wear a sweater. Here “it is cold is the data” and “I will wear a sweater”is a decision. It was already known that it is cold that is why it was decided to wear a sweater, This process is forward chaining.
  7. It is mostly used in commercial applications i.e event driven systems are common example of forward chaining.
  8. It can create an infinite number of possible conclusions.



Forward Chaining

Forward Chaining
Forward Chaining
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