Digital Image Processing Practical Manual

1.Image Basics:

1.1. W.A.P to read and Display an Image.
1.2. W.A.P to read an image & Display its Matrix information.

2.Image Arithmetic:-

2.1 W.A.P to perform image Addition.
2.2 W.A.P to perform image Subtraction.
2.3 W.A.P to perform image Multiplication.
2.4 W.A.P to perform image Division.

3. Image Transforms using Properties of 2D-DFT. :-

3.1 W.A.P to implement 2DFT Convolution Property.
3.2 W.A.P to implement 2DFT Rotational Property.

4. Image Enhancement in Spatial Domain:-

4.1. Enhancement Through Point Operation:-

4.1.1 W.A.P to perform Brightness Enhancement.
4.1.2 W.A.P to perform Brightness Suppressed.
4.1.3W.A.P to perform Histogram.
4.1.4 W.A.P to Plot Histogram Equalization.

4.2. Linear Gray Level Transformations:-

4.2.1 W.A.P to Determine Image Negation.

4.3 Non-Linear Gray Level Transformations:-

4.3.1. W.A.P to Perform Threshold Operation.
4.3.2. W.A.P to implement Gray Level Slicing Without Preserving Background.
4.3.3. W.A.P to implement Gray Level Slicing With Background.
4.3.4. W.A.P to implement Log-Transformation.
4.3.5. W.A.P to implement Power Law Transformation.

5. Local Or Neighbourhood Operations:-

5.1. W.A.P to implement Mean Filter.
5.2. W.A.P to implement Weighted Filter.
5.3. W.A.P to implement Bartlett Filter.
5.4. W.A.P to implement Median Filter.
5.5 Write a MATLAB code for Median Filter in which we read a image then corrupt a image using ‘salt_and_pepper’noice and apply 3*3 box filter and 5*5 box filter .

6.Image Enhancement in Frequency Domain:-

6.1 Low-Pass Filtering in Frequency Domain:-

6.1.1 W.A.P to implement Non-Separable Low Pass Filter.
6.1.2 W.A.P to implement Separable Low Pass Filter.
6.1.3 W.A.P to Perform 2D Butterworth Low Pass Filter.

6.2. High-Pass Filtering In Frequency Domain:-

6.2.1 W.A.P to implement Butterworth High Pass Filter.
6.2.2 W.A.P to implement Gaussian Low Pass Filter.
6.2.3W.A.P to Implement Gaussian High Pass Filter

7. Colour Image Processing:-

7.1 W.A.P to Read an RGB Image and extract the three Colour Components Red, Green and Blue.
7.2 W.A.P to Read a colour image and separate the colour image into Red,Green and Blue Planes.
7.3 W.A.P to implement RGB to YCbCr Model Conversion.
7.4 W.A.P to implement RGB to HSV Model Conversion
7.5 W.A.P to perform RGB to CIE color model.
7.6 W.A.P to Perform Histogram Equalization of Colour image.
7.7 W.A.P to perform Gamma Correction through look-up-table.

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