To Plot Point Pixel on Screen in cpp using computer graphics library.In this code initialize graphics Library  make background to white we find center position in X axis,& Y axis.Now we put pixel in center positions.


# include <graphics.h>
# include <conio.h>
# include <iostream.h>
# include <stdlib.h>
void get_driver()
    int gDriver=DETECT,gMode;  // define variables
    initgraph(&gDriver,&gMode,"c:\\tc\\bgi");  // initialize graphics Library
    setbkcolor(15);  // make background to white

void main()
get_driver();// To make function of define drivers
int dx,dy,x,y; //define variables
x = abs(getmaxx()/2);  // To get center on x axis
y = abs(getmaxy()/2); // To get center on y axis
putpixel(x,y,4);  //for put pix
getch(); // getch used to hold program execution




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