Difference Between TCP/IP Model and OSI Model In Tabular Form

Sno.FeaturesTCP/IP ModelOSI Model
1Full FormTCP/IP stands for transmission control protocol/Internet protocol. It is named after these two protocols, being part of this model.OSI Stands for open system interconnection. It is called so because it allows any two different systems to communicate regardless of their architecture.
2Complexity Level.It is comparatively simple model.It is complex model.
3Numbers of layersTCP/IP model has four layers: host-to-network, network, transport and application layer.OSI model has seven layers : physical,data link , network, transport, session, presentation and application layer.
4Session and Presentation layerThere is no session and presentation layer in this model.Session and Presentation layers are present in this model.
5Service Interface and ProtocolsIt does not clearly distinguish between services, interfaces and protocols.This model provides clear distinction between services , interfaces and protocols.
6Model and Protocol CoherenceTCP/IP protocols fit well in this model as model is defined after protocols were implemented .Protocols do not fit well into the model, because model was defined first before implementation takes place.
7Type of ServiceTCP/IP model supports only connectionless communication in n/w layer.OSI model supports both connectionless and connection oriented communication in n/w layer.
8Quality of ServiceIt does not provide quality of service.It provides quality of service.
9Type of ConnectionIn TCP one connection can be established.In OSI model two independent full duplex connections can be established.
10Size of HeaderMinimum size of TCP header is 20 bytes.Minimum size of OSI header is 5 bytes
12Model and Protocol CoherenceTCP/IP model does not fit any protocolOSI model has a problem of fitting the protocols into the model.

TCP-IP Model
TCP-IP Model

OSI Model
OSI Model
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