What is Bench Power Supply ?

Bench Power Supply is Variable voltage power its good power supply is useful when working with electronics, but it can be pricey. A bench power supply is a powered projects on your bench and need a reliable source of power at different voltages 3v to 12v or 16v as needed we can adjust voltage range and maximum current flow .


  • Power Supply 12v 10A  Link1 Link2
  • Dc 9A 300W Step Down Buck Converter 7-40V to 1.2-35V Power Module Link
  • LM2596 DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down Module Power Supply Link1 Link2
  • 10K Potential Meter
  • Current Voltage meter Link
  • Voltage Meter Link
  • Cables Atleast holds 10A Power
  • Box

Circuit Diagram

bench power supply
bench power supply

In This Bench power Supply is modular Base.you only need connect with wires,isolate them with electrical tape and remove small potentiometer from dc-dc Step Down Module , and connect nobe type potentiometer, for additional you can also add extra voltage regulator for voltage only(LM2596 DC-DC Buck Converter Step Down) , so you can adjust one voltage,and other voltage with ampere.

Bench Power Supply 1
Bench Power Supply 1
Bench Power Supply 2
Bench Power Supply 2
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How to Make Simple Bench Power Supply

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