Difference Between DBMS & RDBMS in Tabular Form

1.Full FormDatabase Management SystemRelational Database Management System
2.Storagedata as file.data in a tabular form.
3.SecurityDBMS does not apply any security with regards to data manipulationRDBMS defines the integrity constraint for the purpose of ACID (Atomocity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability) property.
4.NormalizationNot present in DBMS.Present in RDBMS.
5.SearchData is generally stored in either a hierarchical form or a navigational form.the tables have an identifier called primary key and the data values are stored in the form of tables
6.Relationshipno relation between the tables.Data values are stored in the form of tables, so a relationship between these data values will be stored in the form of a table.
7.UseageDBMS is meant to be for small organization and deal with small data. it supports single user.RDBMS is designed to handle large amount of data. it supports multiple users.
8.Distributed DatabaseDBMS does not supportRDBMS supported.
9.Structure to AccessDBMS has to provide some uniform methods to access the stored information.RDBMS system supports a tabular structure of the data and a relationship between them to access the stored information
10.Examplesfile systems, xml etc.mysql, postgre, sql server, oracle etc.
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