Difference Between IPv4 And IPv6 in Tabular Form


Ipv4 header
Ipv4 header

IPv6 header
IPv6 header
2.MeanInternet Potocol Version 4 .Internet Potocol Version 6 .
3.Addresses Length32 bits (4 bytes) in length.128 bits (16 bytes) in length
4.BitsIt consists of 32 bits.It consists of 128 bits.
5.CompatibleLess compatible to mobile networks.More compatible to mobile networks.
6.Represented AddressIPv4 are binary numbers represented in decimals.IPv6 are binary numbers represented in hexadecimals.
7.Address Exp.
8.IPSecurityIPSec support is only optimal.Inbuilt IPSec support.
9.FragmentationFragmentation is done by sender and forwarding routing.Fragmentation is done only by sender.
10.Checksumavailable in IPv4 header.No checksum field in IPv6.
11.ConfiguredManual or DHCP Used .Not Manual and Used DHCP.
12.BroadcastBroadcast messages are available.Broadcast messages are not available.


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