Difference Between Open Source/ Freeware/ Proprietary/ Commercial Software in Tabular Form

Sno.Basic TermOpen SourceFreewareProprietary Software / Commercial
1.DefinitionOpen source software, the source code is made readily available to users for download. Most open source software is completely free to all users are free to modify and develop the source code to make improvementsFreeware is software that no monetary cost.its used without payment,software that is available free of charge. Freeware Software you can’t modify itself programming code is not available openly .Proprietary /Commercial software is any software that is copyrighted and bears limits against use, distribution and modification, these software are costly to use because its Paid for users.
2.Software TypeOpen Source SoftwareFree to UseClosed Source Software
5.Modified codeYesNoNo
6.Software LicenseGNU General Public License
Creative Commons licenses,Free Software FoundationEnd-User License Agreement (EULA)
7.Re DistributionYesauthor’s permission RequiredNo
8.Reverse EngineeringYesauthor’s permission RequiredNo
9.Find and fix a new bug.YesFind Bugs and Submit to CompanyFind Bugs and Submit to Company
10.Example of ApplicationUbuntu,Firefox,Chromium ,GIMP , DC++ – Open source file-sharing client, Libre Office, 7zip, VirtualBox, FileZilla etc.Google Chrome, opera, photoscape,TeamViewer, cpu-z, skype, recuva, Aimp,gom player,foxit reader, Avast,Panda cloud Antivirus etc.Windows,adobe photoshop ,TeamViewer, microsoft office etc
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