Difference Between PSTN Versus VoIP in Tabular Form.

1.Dedicated LinesAll channels carried over one Internet connection
2.Each line is 64kbps (in each direction)Compression can result in 10kbps (in each direction)
3.Features such as call waiting, Caller ID and so on are usually available at an extra costFeatures such as call waiting, Caller ID and so on are usually included free with service
4.Can be upgraded or expanded with new equipment and line provisioningUpgrades usually requires only bandwidth and software upgrades
5.Long distance is usually per minute or bundled minute subscriptionLong distance is often included in regular monthly price
6.Hardwired landline phones (those without an adapter) usually remain active during power outageLose power, lose phone service without power backup in place
7.When placing a 911 call it can be traced to your location911 emergency calls cannot always be traced to a specific geographic location
Difference Between PSTN and VoIP
PSTN Working
PSTN uses circuit switching to allow users to make landline telephone calls to one another.
Difference Between PSTN and VoIP
VOIP Working
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is allow users to make call over the internet to one another user.
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