Difference Between Raster Scan System & Random Scan System in Tabular Form in Computer Graphics.

S.NoRaster Scan SystemRandom Scan System
1.In Raster scan system the electron beam swapped across a screen one row at a time from Top to Bottom .As the electron beam moves across each row .The beam intensity is turned ON or OFF to create a pattern of illuminated spot.In Random scan system draw a picture one line at a time for this reason called as Vector display. Stroke writing or calligraphics displays.
2.Picture definition is stored in a memory area called Frame buffer or Refresh buffer.This memory area holds the set of intensity value for all the screen points.Picture definition is now stored is a set of line drawing command in an area of memory which is called refresh displayed file.
3.Home television sets & Dot matrix printers e.g of such system using of Raster scan system.A Pen plotter operate in similar way & an e.g of Random scan system.
4.Refreshing on Raster scan display is carryout at the Rate of 60 to 80 frames per seconds.Refreshing in Random scan display to draw all the components of lines of pictures 30 to 60 frames per second.
5.Picture with better contrast.Cannot produce contrast ,memory doesn’t store intensity values of pixels.
6.Raster scan system have lower Resolution than Random scan resolution system.Random scan system have higher Resolution than Raster scan system.
7.In Raster scan system produced Zacked lines that are plot.Random scan produce smooth line drawing because the CRT directly follows line path.
8.Raster scan system designed for to display Realistic shaded screen.Random scan system are designed for line drawing application & can’t display Realistic shaded screen.
9.It is less expensive than Raster Scan system.It is costlier than Random Scan system.
10.It is used for photos.That is Why photoshop is Raster editing program.It is used for text ,logs,letterheads.
11.Raster Scan Mainly in photos like JPG,PNG,GIF File FormatRandom Scan system High Quality Images In SVG,the Size is Rescaleable like Logo in sites

Raster Scan Image
Raster Scan Image

Random Scan
Random Scan


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