Difference Between ​Router And Switch in Tabular Form

1.Route works in the Network Layer of OSI Model.Switch works in Data Link Layer of OSI Model.


Cisco Switch
Cisco Switch
3.Router Transmission Mode is Full duplex.Switch Transmission Mode is use Half/Full duplex.
4.Router works on DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol ).Switch works on ARP(Address Resolution Protocol) and RARP protocol(Reverse Address Resolution Protocol).
5.The router is a routing device.Switch is a multicast device.
6.Router transfer data in the form of packets.Switch transfer data in the form of frames.
7.The router is used to connect two completely different network available in the different region.The switch is used to connect multiple LANs or multiple devices in the same network.
8.The router offers both wired and wireless connectivity in a network.Switch offers wired connectivity in a network.
9.Router Uses IP address.Uses MAC address.
10.The router uses a routing table to find the perfect route to send the data.The switch does not use any routing table to transfer data.
11.Routers transfer the data between LAN and WAN segments.Switches transfer the data between LAN segments.
12.The router is the last device in a network to receive the data.Whenever a user sends a data in the network, it will reach to switch first.
13.Gateway included for settingGateway not included for setting.
14.Cost of Router is 29,000.00RS https://amzn.to/2Iy6guGCost of Switch is 760Rs https://amzn.to/2Iy7iXA

Router Network

Switch Network
Switch Network
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