Difference Between WiFi And Hotspot in Tabular Form

Sno.Basic TermsWiFiHotspot
1.Full FormWireless FidelityNone
2.WorkingWiFi device can connect to the internet or Local area network using an access  pointHotspot device is Wireless access point (WAP) connects a group of wireless devices
3.TypeReceiver ModeTransmitter
4.Connected ToOneMultiple
5.Effect on DisconnectedIts Allow Disconnected internet service from yours devices.All Devices are connected are unable to access internet services
6.RangeIts Depends on WAP20 meters (66 feet)
7.StandardsIEEE 802.11 standards.IEEE 802.11 standards.
8.Access Point (AP)Connected known AP Network By Using PasswordSet Custom Name and Set Password to AP
9.IP Address192.168.1.1-255 and may beHaving DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) so its gateway address or
10.DevicesWifi provide wireless internet access for many devices including Mobile, Phone ,Tablets, Laptop Etc.Hotspot provide wireless internet access network to connect for many devices including Mobile, Phone ,Tablets, Laptop Etc. which is connected to main devices Like Routers , WiFi Modems
WiFi Diagram
WiFi Diagram
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