Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. Some of the activities of computers with artificial intelligence are designed for include:
1.speech recognisation
3. planning
4. problem solving

Importance of AI:

The importance of artificial intelligence is the ability to create a never-ending thought process and collective that could solve our problems. Accomplishing this by thinking of every possible situation. We are limited now by the number of people who can do this. With the artificial intelligence , we could build computers , upon thousands of computers, that could all work in unison to solve our great and most dire problems.
One example is global warming. Whether you believe we are the cause or not , the fact is that global temperatures are on the rise. We need a way out or around or an idea to slow the process down.
We need something ………Artificial Intelligence could , and should solve this faster than we are or could……………..

There are some important features of artificial intelligence:

  1. The use of computers to do reasoning, pattern recognisation, learning, or some other form of information.
  2. A focus on problems that do not response to algorithmic solution.
  3. A concern with problem solving using inexact, missing , or poorly defined information.
  4. Reaoning about the significant qualitative features of a situation.
  5. An attempt to deal with issues of semantic meaning as well as syntactic form.
  6. Answers that are neither exact nor optimal, but are in some sense ,”sufficient”.
  7. The use of the large amount of domain-specific knowledge in solving problems.
  8. The use of meta-level knowledge to effect more sophisticated control of problems solving strategies,
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Importance of Artificial Intelligence.

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