• Bluetooth wireless technology is short range radio technology which is developed for personal area network.
  • This technology makes it possible transfer signal over short distances and help in simplify communication & synchronization between devices.
  • It is dynamic standard where the find the devices automatically find establish connection & discover .The type of data transmit & over short distance.
  • Bluetooth technology has several applications.
  • Peripheral devices such as a wireless mouse or keyboard can communicate with the computer through this technology.


Bluetooth defines two of networks


  • The piconet can be understood as small adhoc network of devices. Normally 8 stations.
  • It has following features
    1. One station known as Master station & other are slave station.
    2. All slaves station synchronize where clock with the master .
    3. One to One or One to Many communication possible.
    4. There may be one station in Parked State.
    5. Each Piconet has unique pattern / id.
    6. Each master can connect 7 simultaneous slaves per piconet.


By making one slave as the master of piconet, scatternet is formed by combining several piconet:

  1. A Scatternet is the linking of multiple co located piconet through the sharing of master & slaves devices.
  2. A devices can be both a master & slave.
  3. High capacity system.
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Introduction to Bluetooth

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