Difference Between Microprocessor and Micro-Program in Tabular Form.

1.Microprocessor is an integrated computer circuit on a chip that performs all the functions of a CPU in a computer.Micro-Program is one of the components of the microprocessor. it is a technique to implement the control logic necessary to execute instructions with in a processor.
2.The Microprocessor interfaces with the clock, memory and input and output devices.Micro-Programs are components of all computer CPUs.
3.The instruction format criterion is fixed.The instruction format types are variable (16 – 64) bit per instruction.
4.Fast decoding.Slow decoding.
5.Clock rate is 50 – 150 MHZ.Clock rate is 33 – 50 MHz.
6.No use of ROM.ROM is used.
7.Microprocessors contain a number of micro programs which includes operations like adding, subtracting, comparing two numbers and fetching numbers from one register to another.Micro-Programs are the components of all computer microprocessors that do not get altered once control units are in operation.


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