Difference Between Circuit Switching vs Packet Switching In Tabular Form.

Sno.FeatureCircuit SwitchingPacket Switching
1.Path/RouteA path is created b/w two points by setting the Switches.A Packet Switchig is Virtual Circuit or route is created b/w two points.
2.Dedicated/Sharingthe links that make a path are dedicated and cannot be used other Connections.In Virtual Switchig the links that make a route can be shared by other Connections.
3.Store and Forward TransmissionNot used in Circuit Switching.Bandwidth can be acquired or released as it is needed.therefore, it is Dynamic.
4.Bandwidth AvailableRequired bandwidth is reserved in advanced.therefore it is fixed.Each node may store incoming Packets temporarily & forward them later.
5.Potentially Wasted BandwidthSince Bandwidth is fixed, unused bandwidth on an allocated circuit is wasted.Unused Bandwidth may be utilized by others Packets from unreleated Source.
6.ApplicationTelephone n/w for bidirectional.Internet for Datagram and Reliable stream Service between Computers.
7.Call SetupRequired.Not Required.
8.When can Congestion OccurCongestion can occur at set up time.Congestion can occur on every Packet.
9.Layers used for ImplementationCircuit Switched Network is implemented at Physical Layer.A Virtual ckt n/w is Implemented at Data Link Layer and Datagram n/w at Network layer.
10.Route/Path Followed by PacketsIt is always sameMay or may not be same.

Advantages of Packet Switching:

  • Circuit Switching charges user on the distance and duration of connection but Packet Switching charges users only on the basis of duration of connectivity.
  • All the packets not follow same route in Packet Switching but in Circuit Switching all the packets follow same rout.
  • Efficient use of Network.
  • Easily get around broken bits or packets.
  • Packet Switching use digital network and enables digital data to be directly transmitted toward destination.
  • High Data Transmission in a Packet Switching is very easy.

Disadvantages of Packet Switching:

  • Requires Large amount RAM (Random Access Memory) to handle large amount of data communication in packets.
  • Packets may be lost on their route, so sequence numbers are required to identify missing packets.
  • Switching Nods required more procession power to reconstruct packets
  • In Packet Switching Packets arriving in wrong order.
  • Takes Transmission delay.

Advantages of Circuit Switching:

  • Circuit Switching dedicated path/circuit established between sender and receiver provides a guaranteed data rate.
  • In Circuit Switching  circuit is established, data is transmitted without any delay as there is no waiting time at each switch.
  • Circuit Switching is a dedicated continuous transmission path is established, the method is suitable for long continuous transmission.

Disadvantages of Circuit Switching:

  • As the connection is dedicated it cannot be used to transmit any other data even if the channel is free.
  • Circuit Switching is inefficient in terms of utilization of system resources. As resources are allocated for the entire duration of connection, these are not available to other connections.
  • Circuit Switching having Dedicated channels which require more bandwidth.
  • Prior to actual data transfer, the time required to establish a physical link between the two stations is too long.
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