Difference Between Database And Schema in Tabular Form.

S.NoBasic TermsDatabaseSchema
1.FormatsA database is a collection of related records and data stored in tables.Database schema describes the structure
and organization of data in a database system
2.MemoryThe database holds the records, fields and cells of dataSchema contains Databases and describes how these database fields and cells are structured and organized and what types of relationships are mapped between these entities
3.StructurePhysical StructureLogical Structure
4.Data SavesDatabase Management SystemsSchema can be realized in a physical form at any of the levels.store information on disks.
5.Backup FilesDatabase is the main container, it contains the data and log files,and all the schemas within it. You always back up a database,it is a discrete unit on its own.Schemas are like folders within a database, and are mainly used to group logical objects together, which leads to ease of setting permissions by schema.
6.Updating / ModificationDatabase data keeps on updating all time,
so database modifies frequently.
Schema once declared should not be modified frequently.
7.IncludeDatabase includes specified schema, data (records),constraints for the data.Schema includes tables name, fields name,
its types and constraints.
8.StatementsDML statement adds, updates the records (data) in a database.DDL statements specify a schema for a database.
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