Difference Between DDR1, DDR2, DDR3 And DDR4 in Tabular Form

1.Full FormDDR RAM (Double Data Rate)Double Data Rate 2
Synchronous Dynamic Random
Access Memory
double data rate 3
Synchronous Dynamic Random
Access Memory
double data rate fourth-generation
synchronous dynamic random-access memory
2.DefinitionIt transfers data on
rising and falling edge of clock. Hence it has
data transfer rate double compare to SDR SDRAM type.
It operates external data
bus two times faster compare to DDR1 SDRAM
type or DDR SDRAM.
Its power consumption  is less compare to previous version i.e. DDR2 which is about 40% less.
This is due to use of lower operating
voltage of 1.5V.
It provides further lower operating
voltage and faster transfer rate compare
to other DDR types.
3.Release year2000200320072014
4.Internal Rate (MHz)
Clock Speed
133 to 200 MHz133 to 200 MHz133 to 200 MHz133 to 200 MHz
5.Bus clock (MHz)133 to 200266 to 400533 to 10001066 to 1600
7.Data rate (MT/s)266 to 400533 to 800800Mb/s – 2133Mb/s1600Mb/s – 3200Mb/s
8.Transfer rate (GB/s)2.1 to 3.24.2 to 6.48.5 to 14.917 to 21.3
10.Sizes Available256mb, 512mb and 1Gb512mb, 1Gb and 2Gb.512mb, 1Gb 2Gb, 4Gb,8Gb2Gb,4Gb,8Gb,16Gb
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