Difference Between Decoder & De-Multiplexer in Tabular Form

1.Block Diagram

Decoder & Demultiplexer

Block Diagram

Decoder & Demultiplexer

2.It Receives ‘n’ number of coded information and gives 2n output lines. For an ‘n’ to ‘m’ line Decode we have

M ≤ 2n Outputs.

It has single input line and multiple output lines selection are used to select the input at appropriate output
3.Types of decoder are 2 to 4 line decoder . bcd to decimal decoder etc.Type of demultiplexers are:

1:2,1:4,1:8 ,1:16 and so on.

4.Number of input lines is decoded are 2 or more than 2 .Number of input line in demultiplexer are single.
5.Decoder & Demultiplexer



One Input = Two Output

Decoder & Demultiplexer

Signal Input / Select Lines = Output Lines


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